Why Street Style Isn’t Always So Street

Street style is all well and good, but photographing your outfit in your own home? It just adds another layer of personality. Which may explain why in a highly saturated style-blogger market, many of our favourite girls now pepper their inspirational and aspirational sites and social feeds with candid shots of their home interiors.

After all, being stylish isn’t a one-way shopping street—your home is a perfect canvas for extending your creativity, and we know many girls who have as much enthusiasm these days for plotting the décor of a living room as they do for planning their new-season outfit hit-list.
So is the #homefie the new #selfie for street style? Many design brands now span both genres—House of Hackney is the one of our top examples, but you’ll often find designers employing the tactile benefits of genuine upholstery fabrics or labels eschewing the traditional white backdrop studio idea for something altogether more intimate, like a kooky location for a lookbook shoot.
Fashion bloggers are also expanding their horizons, adding interiors sections to their existing offering online. And let’s not forget we shall forever be obsessed with peeking into the homes of fashion’s most stylish thanks to sites like The Coveteur or The Selby.

So it seems only natural to nosy parkers like us (and you?) that sartorial moments of this ilk shouldn’t be restricted to outdoors only—especially when considering the, shall we say challenging, weather in Britain.

Originally found on who what wear.com

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