How To Find Your ‘Off Duty’ Style

Off Duty Style

We’ve all seen it, the hundreds of magazines shouting about various models ‘off duty’ looks. Which is great but we want to tell you how to achieve your own off duty look no matter your taste,age, height or size.

Start From The Bottom

Firstly, an off duty look is all about being comfy yet stylish. What’s the number one killer of confident walks? Shoes. So firstly start with your footwear, this is where many women go wrong. Is it a trainer day? Boots or flats? If your mind instantly just pictured a certain pair of shoes, stick to those. If not, get three styles in mind.

Work Your Way Up

Next, the bottom half of your outfit. Leggings, jeans or a skirt? If you’re always busy on your days off, running around after children or just like to lounge, opt for a legging. Jeans can also be for loungers, but often are great for people who are going to be having a mixed day, brunch with the girls, shopping and then relax. Skirt – If you’re more of a skirt girl, then this automatically answers your question.

Top It Off

Again depending on your average day, this could mix & match for various times. A boyfriend shirt with leggings can look chic yet secretly comfy, the beauty of this outfit? It goes with most sneakers, pumps and trainers & it even looks fabulously for a range of sizes. Even changing throughout the day! (Rebel)

For a jean, firstly look at the shade of denim (All of our Parker Smith range can be seen in-store & here online) if you’re looking for a slimming colour opt for a black jean, an over sized white Tshirt tucked in at one side can do wonders for a sleek off duty look. A shirt as mentioned above or even for those cooler days a fitted polo neck jumper will keep you fashionable & stylish.


Our favourite! We have a fantastic range of jewelry & bags in-store & online so take a look! If you’ve got a hectic schedule, even though it may be tempting to stuff a large bag in true Mary Poppins style, choosing a smaller handbag will make a world of difference to your day! Take essentials!

Earrings – we personally love a small stud or pearl for an off duty look.

Necklaces – this is where you can put a little personality into a simple outfit, chose something that may represent your mood that day & think about what you may be doing, picking up the kids? Chose a shorter style as to avoid pulls or catching on things!


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