Carmen Dell’Orefice – guest of honour at LCF fourth Fashion Matters Gala

Carmen Dell’Orefice has a career spanning 70 years in the fashion industry and was chosen as an inspired choice to be guest of honour at London College of Fashion’s fourth Fashion Matters Gala, an event that has been established by the esteemed institution to encourage and enable aspiring fashion students on a long and prosperous career in the industry.

The 85-year-old supermodel has plenty to draw on from her experience working with greats, notably Norman Parkinson, and laying claim to her first-ever British Vogue appearance in 1946, and has lost none of the passion that she poured into her lengthy career.

Carmen Dell’Orefice was quoted: “It’s of most importance to me to keep connected to the younger generation that is coming along, observing the world, interpreting how they want to describe what they see, and advising their peer group on what to say by what they’re wearing,”  “People lack imagination a lot of the time as they are busy doing a nine-til-five job. In the arts, you suffer for your craft, but I admire anyone who has been born with that passion. If I was going to envy anything in life – and I don’t envy much – is that this place is available to encourage real talent and support it. The arts are what carries the world forward.”

The gala has become an invaluable element of the year-long Fashion Matters campaign, raising money to provide the opportunity to students to pursue their education at the College when they might not be otherwise able to. By raising these funds (various other events throughout the year also raise money leading up to the big night), the college can offer scholarships, bursaries and awards to the designers, pattern cutters, creative directors, journalists of the future. Last year, it raised £85,000 on the night alone, and was able to fund 50 students’ courses.

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