AW 2016 Fashion: The Key 4 Trends You Need to Know

AW 2016’s top-line fashion trends may surprise you, but don’t shy away from them as they have the potential to add a sense of creativity to your wardrobe!

Here at Love The Lot we know the concept of see now, buy now is increasingly important (well, you don’t want to wait, do you?), and many designers and super-brands are also rethinking not only how they present their collections but when and to whom. The old-school fashion calendar or idea of the runway show is being pinched and tweaked into new forms, and this overdue disruption has sparked an inventive energy—one that results in seriously covetable clothes, whether outré and bold or honed to perfection for everyday wear, without scrimping on luxe detailing or points of difference.

Some of the most talked about labels of A/W 16 didn’t even have fashion shows. But all fashion editors are in agreement that now is the time to be you—take A/W 16’s trends and make them your own. Mix and match if you want to. Wear head to toe if you want to. If you’ve always harboured a love for dramatic costuming, now is your time. Or major purists out there who only wear white and black? That’s entirely cool too. Don’t be afraid to step out of the norm—individualism is the new on-trend.

With no further chit chat let’s get down to what’s important for your A/W 16 shopping list:


Urm yea you read that right, now don’t get us wrong, usually we would be like yea no, but trust us and see for yourself, whether it’s within a pattern or showcasing a tiger print, cats are in.

Ctas aw16


Remember when over sized suit jackets were in? They’re back! Along with big shoulders, although admittedly you have to do these correctly if you’re going to rock them. The exaggerated sleeves and arms, set against the teeny-tiny body-hugging silhouettes and gigantic waist-belts played homage to the most decorative decade of the 20th century, but a more mix ‘n’ match approach felt right for the Instagram generation of today.

80s aw16


Again a bit of homage to the 80s slipped in here. Arriving in a shocking array of bright hues, velvet is no longer the fabric of dark, romantic, gothic evening-only clothes, but one to be mixed into the most vibrant street styler’s daytime wardrobes. You’ll find it used in everything from trouser suits to thigh-high boots.


aw16 velvet

Hint Of Gothic

Darkness descended into the Catwalks for sure but what’s great about goth is you can take as little or as much as you want and mix it into your outfit. From boots (coming soon) to a black on black layered dress & jacket.

gothic aw16


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