5 Ways To Wear Flats & Look Chic

Embrace the flats…

The world is always changing and so too are the fashion elite’s attitude towards flats. Once upon a time, no editor worth her salt would dare sit front row at a showspace in trainers. That’s certainly changed. Those Stan Smiths have their very own sartorial gravity on par with any mile-high shoe. Not only that, Victoria Beckham Queen of stilettos has even ditched them in for chic flat comfort!

Not only does a pair of natty mules or luxe leather sneakers dial down a mega-watt dress or relax a smart outfit, they ooze a level of personal confidence. You don’t need to tower over your natural height or tiptoe over cobbles to look chic. Done right, flat shoes heighten an outfit’s cool just as much as any heel.

5 ways to wear flat shoes

An asymmetric shirt–and-jeans combo can look preppy unless you keep it cool with a pair of loafers. Note the brief style bag adding that little bit of edginess.

5 ways to wear flat shoes

We will actually have similar boots in store soon, so we love this military look! The slit leg design allows the outfit to be less structured and draw an eye to those stylish flats.

5 ways to wear flat shoes

We love sneakers at love the lot, in fact you’ll often find a pair on the shelf ready to buy! Now a days they are so versatile! Pair them with a dress to become more casual or with a jumper and good quality leggings to create that perfect atheleisure look. The possibilities are endless!

5 ways to wear flat shoes

Another effortless look with sneakers. Shallot playsuit and an oversized bag. Style heaven!

5 ways to wear flat shoes

Flatform aficianados will fully appreciate the art of successfully wearing an espadrille in the city. Make like Candela Novembre and wear yours with an elevated dress to strut between events with different dress codes.

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  1. This is music to my ears, and candy to my eyes! Now I’m having problems with my feet, this article is just what I need to keep me walking, stylishly, and to keep my confidence up. Thankyou Amelia. Babsx

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