3 Ways Gigi Hadid Styled Parker Smith Jeans

Parker Smith – a premium contemporary denim collection designed and created for women of all sizes and made in Los Angeles, the heart of denim manufacturing. Launched in 2014, the collection was created from custom designs, luxurious fabrics and washes with the techniques and details that reflect the vibrancy of the local Los Angeles landscape.

Because we know what’s up and coming here at Love The Lot, we stock a vast range from Parker Smith to suit all our customers needs, likes and wants.

It has fast become a celebrity favourite, hugely promoted by Tyra Banks for ‘supporting those curves’. Now the rising supermodel, Gigi Hadid, has become a fan of Parker Smith. Showcasing them on many off duty looks throughout the seasons.

Take a look at Gigi’s latest Parker Smith outfits for a little inspiration!

Gigi Hadid Parker Smith

Gigi Hadid Parker Smith

Gigi Hadid Parker Smith

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