10 Style Lessons To Learn From The Olsen Twins

It’s safe to say Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have taken over the fashion world, turning over $1 billion worth of retail products a year. Their own style is effortless and chic. There’s many fashion lessons we cold learn from them, but here’s just 10…

1. Treat everything like an accessory. Got a Starbucks? Own it, clutch that coffee like it’s your favourite hermes.

2. Layer your jewellery, mix match those chains. Have you seen our latest accessory line?

3. It’s okay to wear black 99% of the time. Black is life.

4. Huge earrings can complete an outfit & take it up a level.

5. Bigger the bag, the better. Totes, weekend bags, suitcases (okay maybe not that far) but whatever it is, cram your life into it and complain of shoulder ache all day, just style it out. Fashion is pain.

6. Minimal makeup is okay, a quick lashing of mascara and BB cream & you’ll be mistaken for an Olsen twin immediately. Dewy looks are the favourite right now.

7. High necks are chic, night or day, summer or winter, they’re the way forward.

8. Own at least 5 pairs of sunglasses and keep emergencies in your bag. Wear them indoors at all cost and probably sometimes even at night. Hide those Gin sucken eyes.

9. Bed head is all you need. No style necessary. Wake up. Go.

10. Oversized clothing can be layered, you will not look like a pile of clothes IF you style it properly. IF.

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